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Our Story

The G in GDD stands for ‘Gaia’. Inspired by the Gaia Theory, we focus on designing human experiences around products that blend into our ecosystem.

Gaia Digital Design started their journey aspiring to focus on high end design skills for modern business needs. With several completed projects in areas such as healthcare, e commerce and education, we are now our own toughest critics. We focus on designing rich, immersive and useful experiences. We apply the learning from the big brands to help start-ups grow and to infuse the work we do for renowned brands with the entrepreneurial spirit. Rebranded as GDD, we aim to merge world class aesthetics and optimal product experiences together to create results that will define the future.

Gaia Digital Design, Digital Design, About
Gaia Digital Design, Digital Design, About


1. An end to end support system

Providing design support from inception to development. We start working on a new project by building strong, empathetic relationships, sustain you through implementation and ultimately lead you to a successful conclusion. Once the design is completed, it is followed by development, reviews and then launch.

2. Customized Design Plan

Ability to scale the design process as per the timeline and requirement. Perceiving a need, understanding the goals and having a structured design process helps in involving all the stakeholders at various stages for feedback and quick iterations.

3. Diverse personalities make more successful teams

A strong mix of designers from different specializations fuels innovation. This diverse staff comes with a larger pool of experiences, ideas and education to form new products. The success of this collaborative team is due to their combined skills, personalities and ways of approaching and solving problems.

4. Global Experts with years of experience

We have been able to build a strong squad with experts from top global design teams. Our professional, enthusiastic and in depth approach to your problem delivers effective results.

Meet our team

We’re a small team with big ideas. Our insights and thinking have been trusted by some of the best companies and most talked-about brands.

Saibal Datta

Founder & Design Director

Saibal is a versatile designer with strong credentials in creating multi touch-point experiences. Prior to founding Gaia Digital Design, he worked as an Experience Design Manager at Adobe, India. He brings with him over a decade of experience spanning industries like e-commerce, digital advertising, banking, telecommunications & software products. Previously having founded two ventures in Design & Media communication only adds another feather to Saibals' cap.

Sharad Chauhan

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

Sharad brings along his skills in Product Design & holistic system level thinking from his past years in the design industry. From his experience at the Whirlpool Design Centre to Samsung Design Delhi he efficiently merges the digital & physical to provide a seamless User Experience. Sharad's instinct coupled with his experience enables stakeholders to realise their ideas to tangible products that are able to stand strong within the Indian context.

Atal Kumar Pandey

Senior UX Designer

Neha Jattu

Senior Visual Designer

Adarsh Kumar

Visual Designer

Joseph Jacob

UX Designer

Pragya Gupta

UX Designer

Deepak Goyal

Head of Technology (ShakyaTech Solutions)

Shimanti Banerjee

Project Manager & Content Writer

Ramnik Singh

Industrial Designer


Office Admin / Studio Caretaker

Om Prakash

Support Staff


Chief Happiness Officer

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Our Advisors

Our trusted advisors are experts with over twenty years of collective global experience in leadership and design strategy. They constantly provide direction and insights to us and our partners.

Jay Dutta

Ex-Head of UX Flipkart/Adobe IxDA Lead SE-Asia


Co-Founder at Gradient Learning and Former Executive Management Team at Adobe India

Gaia Digital Design, Digital Design, About
Gaia Digital Design, Digital Design, About
Gaia Digital Design, Digital Design, About

Our Partners

GDD has solid partnerships with some of the most respected and future thinking companies in the spheres of learning and technology. These collaborations ensure we can provide comprehensive service to our clients and allow us to drive new, exciting and innovative solutions to the marketplace.

Gaia Digital Design

A design driven end to end technology company.

Gaia Digital Design

A professional design training and staff augmentation company.

Gaia Digital Design

Design consulting focused on building better products and brands.

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About Us

We design for the real world, with real people in mind and the brand at the center. We believe in empathizing, understanding, observing and learning each day.