Grain Stories

A new entrant in the Organic Food Industry in India

3Daathu is the parent company of Grain Stories based out of Bangalore. They wanted consumers to explore their past with their favourite dishes and flavours they grew up with with this brand. The idea was to revive how people think about indian ingredients and repackage grains and recipes so that they fit in with the modern lifestyle and aspirations.


They decided to take the consumer centric approach with it and were focused on the aspect of storytelling to connect with their consumer. The following were highlighted.

1. A graphic identity which was scalable and reflects brand belief.

2. The brand have to create a clear direction focussing on aspirations rather than just facts and design an identity to communicate the message clearly.

3. A packaging design which would be differentiating on the shop floor and cost effective.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Food forms a powerful part of the emotional narrative. Aromas, tastes, textures, shapes and sounds of various food items triggers our memories and helps us take eating decisions.

Connect to audience through stories

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

The brand constantly reiterated the fact that consumers needed to connect on a personal level with it. The concept of sharing experiences while cooking and eating food and the fact that meals can help start conversations and build memories strongly lingered on our mind. Defining an adaptable language that runs smoothly along all products was definitely a challenge. The purpose, target audience and name, Grain Stories, helped us develop the brand identity further.

Want people to Discover and Explore

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Continuing from the concept of the brand name, Grain Stories, it was important to let the consumers explore the brand ideology once the initial connection was established. In a country like India where meals mean families coming together it was inevitable that the consumer needed to be encouraged to create and share new experiences with the brand in order to be able to fully understand its goals. Therefore the concept of “Create your own Grain Stories” was put forward.

Want to Modernise and Nature the old

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We established that eating together lets you share happiness and share stories over generations. The need to visualize how ingredients have changed over years in form and function contributed to the way we positioned our task of branding and packaging.

Identifying the Consumer

The first step of customer research is to identify the customer. Market research helps understand potential audience. Further it helps develop a more detailed picture of them and understand how to target them while highlighting key characteristics customers share.

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

Identifying the User Persona

Exploring the way in which story can be told

After an inhouse brainstorm around the possible themes we want to explore around the brand, we started a process called card sorting. Here, keywords that were identified were written on cards, and grouped together into chunks according to how similar they were. This made creating themes around each group of keywords easier and continue the storytelling process.

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

Team identifying the Keywords and the strategic themes

The Logo explorations

We evaluated several options of logos for the brand to find the right connection with the core brand philosophy.

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

Exploring the logo

We looked at the basic acts around food and how it created memories. The act of making food the act of serving food and the act of eating food. We noticed how congruent circles kept appearing in our exploration around the acts of preparing, serving and eating a meal. This eventually led to the formation of the present logo

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

Final Packaging

The packs were designed for 500 gms and 1 kg packs of Rice, millets, pulses, flour, sweeteners and rawa, under Grain Stories. The Spice Stories required the packs to be designed for 100gms of whole spices, powdered spices and flakes as their three categories.

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories
Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories

Gaia Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Grain Stories



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